Is Rose of Bulgaria sold in any retail stores?
Rose of Bulgaria skincare is not sold in any retail stores. We are an e-commerce business, and our products are only available online in the Lady Rose store.

Should I try Rose of Bulgaria if I have sensitive skin?
Rose oil and rosewater are gentle and effective on all skin types: dry, sensitive, irritated, oily and combination. You may wish to apply some topically first by putting a small amount – about the size of a coin – on your arm as an initial test. If there is no adverse or allergic reaction within 24 hours, it can be safely applied elsewhere.

Which Rose of Bulgaria product should I try first?
We recommend AntiAgeUltra -- its the hero product in our range because it contains 100% pure rose oil which softens and regenerates skin tissue, slowing down the process of ageing at a cellular level. 

Are your creams greasy?
Rose of Bulgaria skincare is rich and creamy and glides on like a dream -- however it is fast-absorbing, non-oily and vanishes instantly. You'll be left with smooth skin bearing the heavenly scent of rose!

Do your products contain sunscreen?

Rose extract naturally helps skin combat harmful free radicals and damage caused by UV rays, pollution and stress. However our products do not currently include SPF, except for Rose of Bulgaria Lip Balm, which does have UV sun protection.

What is the shelf-life of your face creams?
We recommend around 36 months.

What is your refund policy?
At Lady Rose Essentials, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee -- if you don't adore our luxurious rose skincare, please contact us immediately and we'll issue you a refund. 

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! We are happy to tell you that we provide a flat rate of only $20.00 to ship an order of any size to nearly anywhere in the world.