Here's what Verified Buyers have to say about Rose of Bulgaria skincare!

DANIELLA: "I have finally found a product that honestly works wonders for my skin. I'm in love with the way this cream makes me look AND feel."
MARGARET: "I'm so glad this product is non greasy. It's hard to find a product for dry and sensitive skin that isn't greasy."
TANIA: "I have been using this cream for several weeks now and I have noticed that my skin feels firmer and my dark circles have minimised. My husband is constantly complimenting me on how fresh and glowing I look and that I shouldn't wear make up to conceal my natural beauty - hahaha :P "
NATALIE: "AntiAgeUltra has really helped with my fine lines and has helped brighten my face. After only several weeks my skin feels firmer and smoother."
EMILY: "There is nothing better than being complimented  on how soft, supple and refreshed my skin looks!"
AMANDA: "Smells amazing! Been using it for 2 weeks and my skin hasn't shown a noticeable reduction of wrinkles yet but would recommend it to anyone who has dry skin. It does leave the skin soft."
DOROTHY: "AntiAgeUltra leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated every morning. I have used other anti age face creams before but i have to say that AntiAgeUltra has definitely been my best friend."
PENNY: "For someone who has always had sensitive skin, this rose oil face cream has really been soothing on my skin and has been really hydrating."
JORDAN: "I've been using this cream for 7 months and I've noticed my fine lines are less noticeable. It looks like it would be a thick cream, but it's not. A little goes a looong way. Once I apply, it's easily absorbed, and by morning my skin feels very hydrated and moisturised!"
JOANA: "Ever since my sister recommended this product to me, I have experienced a healthier glow and a clearer complexion and also noticed the softness of my skin."